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We have a winner. In the category: gayest object ever crated and ugliest piece of shit.

It’s hot here, I improvised. Ghetto cooling rack.

Urge to play Diablo 2 all of a sudden.

Too much Portal …

I made this. ( it has a deflector array and a loading bay. Three forward weapon systems. )

My cousin made this out of an old box of Lego we found.

7000 bottles of wine on the wall, 7000 bottles of wine. You take one crate, describe it, number it, asses wine level and label condition. Place it on the other side of the hall. 6988 bottles of wine on the wall.

7000 bottles of wine on the wall, 7000 bottles of wine. You take one crate, describe it, number it, asses wine level and label condition. Place it on the other side of the hall. 6988 bottles of wine on the wall.

Content might appear more demonic as advertised.


Dolls … DOLLS!!!

It stares into my soul like an infernal Wallee

A little bit of history

A little something I wrote for an upcoming article on sc2gg about commentator’s first commentaries.

For those interested, this is how the world saw my first commentary:

My part of the article:

Starcraft had been a part of my life since 1998. It had always been that game that was always there; installed on every machine I owned, looming and calling yet for the most part ignored. I had played semi-seriously around 2000 and 2002 - that’s what I keep telling myself - embedded deep within a tiny Belgian Starcraft scene. 

The community I knew was far detached from any pro scene, I was chained to an old 56k modem so the concept of downloading videos was as foreign to me as the Starcraft foreign scene. Korea but a mythical whisper.

Slowly I discovered the international nature of the game, yet I never had the nerve to try out another server, in fear that my modem might jump up and knife me.

Eventually, I found my way to the old Starcraft S&T forum - the ancient form of the forum. I was one of the few to witness the first sign of humanity from Blizzard. The momentous occasion when Geoff Frazier (now known as Nebu) used a smiley in a reply to a serious question.

Then the memories get hazy. I first remember the lamented Brood War High. A website maintained by the elusive Australian ‘Mick’. It contained gags, quotes and accounts of the most insane tactics ever attempted in Starcraft Brood war. I also discovered large written reports of games. This was in the time before replays (released on 4/18/01), these ‘battlereports’ were the only way of keeping the memory of epic games. 

Soon I was lost in the world of My idols were not known by many, but they were giants to me. My sense of humour forever distorted by the likes of Johnny_Vegas, Mark4, YourRoleModel, ~Cattlebruiser~, Heartcutter, Drefsab, WilliamWC3, ::Nobody::, Breeze, .Preator, [FLS]Prozerran, Bob_THE_Newt, Fracal_Wave. Yes, I just summed up the Hall of Fame, but that’s just to brush their names across your ignorant brains!

All hail the Gods of clan ~NoHunters!

I lurked, I marvelled, and soon I faded away. My community fell apart because of the release of Warcraft 3, I impulsively moved to this exciting new game, but it had problems. Battlereports were created, but it too suffered from loss of spirit.

I moved on to First person shooters. Played in a clans, Medal of Honour, Call of Duty 1 & 2. Starcraft still existed, but it was distant.

In 2007 I was drawn back to RTS. Mostly as a distraction from my turbulent CoD clan. I quickly understood that C&C was a flawed game and I found myself defending Starcraft, eventhough I had not played the game in a competitive context for nearly 5 years. After a tiring rant in an EA controlled forum I decided to go back to what I knew was perfect.

This time I connected with the people of old. No longer lurking, but at last having the stones to post once or twice on their forum. 

I took the name of Greth and met a peculiar person by the name of Psyonic Reaver.

And this is where things took off.

I had always toyed with the prospect of writing a battlereport myself, but as so many I never came quite far. By this time you needed at least basic knowledge of html an css to make it work, most of the pictures required something more than a quick fix in Paint. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I also was short a game that was worth writing about. 

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Psyonic I came into contact with a dreadful monster of a program called Hypercam and later GunCam. 

I had now been introduced to the Starcraft Pro scene and had recently started watching these strange ‘English commentators’. But my roots were with battlereports. My first commentary would not be a VoD. I knew I had to find my replay.

After about five failed attempts my heart was still racing at near unhuman speed. My mouth had dried up each time after uttering only one or two words. I had done something that I would afterwards vow never to do again: see the replay in advance in an attempt to script it into a true report. I missed things of importance so I started again. The recording was good, only now I noticed half the thing didn’t record because my disk was full, so I started again. Now the notes lay shredded beneath my feet. 

I didn’t even know the game was going to be good to cast. I had selected it purely on the basis that I had won it. A fluke more than anything that it turned out to be an iconic example of a battlereport worthy game.

After the commentary I became addicted. I spent most of the next 24 hours refreshing my youtube page and leapt in the air of joy when my subscriber count reached 5. A couple of weeks later I would swoon when my first video reached 100 views, I was over the moon.

After my second report I abandoned the account of SathYaneh (like Greth named after one of my characters in my W.I.P. ‘books’). Took the Klazart clone account of GrethSC. 

i joined SC2GG primarily as a writer, then threw my trashy ‘reps among the finely carved masterpieces of the Greats. And have enjoyed the ride so far.

The haunting Neolithic editing of GunCam though, still haunts me to this day.

I have stayed true to the ideal of casual reports being equal in entertainment to professional games. Although I am still a subscriber junky and would love to have the audience some blundering newbs now have thanks to Starcraft 2. But all good things come to those who wait. No matter how impatient you might be.

Ok. I’ve taken a lot of pictures lately but… Argh. Ugly gay horrible boring irritating disgusting rubbish retching piece of mass produced of vomit smelling piece of bisquit bullshit.


Did I get a Collectors Edition Starcraft II ? What gave it away?

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